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If you’re interested in a mold inspection or Estimate…

Our minimum charge to come out for a mold inspection starts at $150.00 based on your location and which includes 30 minute trip and 1/2 inspection rate. If you need more than this, we charge $50 per each hour and additional for mold sample if needed. Inspections include a copy of a written report or estimate.

Most people think that need an inspection is ones purchasing or selling property, new construction, had a water damage or claim,  most only need is a estimate. We do credit our labor charge to all jobs that we are awarded.  We typically only recommend inspections where you are unsure if mold is present or if there is some sort of dispute (e.g. Landlord-Tenant) or you need it for a real estate transaction.
The general rule is: if you see visible mold, most of the time you do NOT need to pay for a mold inspection or test. 

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