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Hiring a Mold Remediation Contractor for Your
Home or Business is one of the biggest decisions
you will make.

Here are some solid steps to help you select the best mold removal contractor:

1)   Define the work to be completed:  Before getting serious about quotes from a contractor, establish the scope of work to be done.  For example, do you want the contractor to just remove the mold, or do you want him/her to also solve the underlying moisture problem that is causing the mold?  Whether you are doing part of it yourself or not, remember that solving the underlying moisture problem is critical; otherwise, you are likely to be calling the contractor again later to remove more mold.

This step is important so that you can get multiple quotes from contractors based on the same job.

If you are having a difficult time defining the work that needs to be done, and you don’t know anybody knowledgeable enough to help you out, here is a sure method to get you the guidance you need:
 Hire a professional company to just do a consultation.

Use separate contractors for defining the work and the actual work.  For example, call a contractor in to take a look at the situation and give you a description of the work to be done, telling him/her up front that you are not sure you will hiring him for the actual clean up.  You just want a consultation and understand they may be a charge for this.

This may cost a little extra for the consultation, but for the peace of mind that you are getting an honest opinion with no self-interest attached, it will be well worth it.


2)   Inviting contractors to place a quote.  Once you are comfortable with the job that needs to be accomplished, type up an outline of the tasks.  For example, a basic scope of work might be like this:

First thing that should be done is Repair leak or water problem.

Secondly: Properly dry work area with safety in mind to not spread the mold, use good quality HEPA Air handlers and dehumidifiers (Your little home unit will not work for this). This is very important and must be done correctly or mold will return.

Thirdly: Apply the proper procedures and product to mold area,
 vac with a HEPA vac, scrub mold from surface and treat to insure no regrow will happen.
We use a approved mold/Disinfect and wipe down all exposed surfaces in the work area.
Apply a mold removal product and even apply a approved sealer if need be.
We Clean up area our work area of any contamination and miss.

Make a follow-up inspection in 14 days to ensure problem is resolved. Area should be free of moisture, mold, and mold odor.


Just remember to find-a-mold-removal-professional

Create an outline of the work you want completed to help you get fair and accurate quotes from mold removal specialists.


  Selecting the Contractor.  Once you’ve sized up the contractors and have received their quotes, it time to choose. Whenever you are having somebody work on your home, you want to make sure you select the best contractor for the price.  There are volumes of home repair horror stories from folks who just went for the lowest price.  Here are some things to be mindful of when making your selection:


Hiring-mold-removal-specialist, We have been in the restoration business since 1985 and have been in the same location for over 30 years.
We are a specialized cleaning company, we are not a builder contractor that says we know what we are doing, we do.

Check to see what warranty, if any, is provided with the work.

Does the quote cover all of the tasks?

A down payment may be required, but do not pay for the whole job up-front.

Once you are comfortable with your selection, call up the contractor and notify them you want them to do the work.


These are some helpful steps we hope will help give you a reasonable assurance that you have selected the right contractor to remove mold in your home.